Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver (APC) Diploma Program

Tuition Rates

Register today to take advantage of our first year tuition rates.  Tuition will rise for Fall '19 and finalize for Winter '20.  Register ahead of time to receive this deeply discounted rate!

Cohort Program - $692

3 upcoming Cohorts!

Spring '19 begins April 22nd

Fall '19 begins Sept. 16th

Winter '20 begins Jan. 6th

Group Study Program -

Groups of 2 -   $622.80 per person  (10% off regular tuition)

Groups of 3 -   $533.60 per person (20% off regular tuition)

Groups of 4+- Organizer pays no tuition!  Or, split the discount between the group!

Internship Program -

Option One:

Pay 15% of your client earnings for the hours comprising the Internship Program.

When you receive payment from your client, you submit 15% to the Center for Sacred Window Studies OR prepay to Center for Sacred Window Studies before your receive payment from your client and receive 10% discount.

(If earnings percentage falls below minimum internship program cost of $630, you may supplement the remainder through the other two payment options.)

Option Two:

Prepay for your internship, if you are not getting paid from a client directly or are charging below the suggested minimum rate of $25/hour.  The cost of internship is $630 or $105 for each week of caregiving.