Group Study

Get a head start on building a professional caregiving team by participating in our Group Study Option.  Receive 10-20% off tuition costs or pay nothing as a Group Organizer!


We believe in sustaining healthy balance in body, mind and spirit for mothers AND caregivers alike.  Working as a sole Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver can be very demanding.  Some caregivers prefer to work as part of a group practice or team which can make the work more sustainable and rewarding. Do you have a team of colleagues or friends interested in learning the Ayurvedic perspective on postpartum care? Do you have a specific niche within postpartum caregiving you’d like to focus on?  Would you prefer to team up with others to round out the services you’d like to offer? (cooking, consulting, massage, etc.) The Group Study Option allows groups of local caregivers to study together as part of our Cohort Program and receive a discount on tuition while developing their skills and ideas to bring to their communities as a team of caregivers.  We envision groups of students gathered together in a living room while connecting with other groups and individuals via web conferencing as we work together to bring awareness and change to the culture of Postpartum Care in our modern world. Gather your group and get started!