What are the prerequisites for the Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver (APC) Diploma Program?

There are no formal prerequisites for completing the Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver (APC) Diploma Program.  However, we recommend eventual completion of a program of Ayurveda, Postpartum Doula certification as well as training in lactation and breastfeeding.

Students do not need formal Ayurvedic training.   We believe it is important that all students have access to the same perspective of Foundational Ayurvedic principles as delivered through the lens of rasayana care for the postpartum window.  Even if a student has extensive training in Ayurveda, it is beneficial to take part in this specialized perspective.

We strongly recommend that students participate in formal Postpartum Doula certification, as well as formal training in best practices for lactation and breastfeeding.  However, we do not require these certifications.  Our program will cover a great deal of useful practice, but there is always insight to be gained by participating in further professional development.

How long does the program take to complete?

Our cohort program is 13 weeks in length. Students who wish to work individually with a personal mentor throughout the program may take up to 12 months and will not work with a cohort.

How much time will I need to spend each week on this program?

This is a 200 hour diploma program.  Cohort students may spend up to 15 hours per week including the live instruction class and optional office hour depending on their personal pace and level of involvement in the program.

What can I do with this diploma professionally?

This is an ideal professional development program for Ayurvedic practitioners, yoga professionals, birth and postpartum doulas and any one in the healthcare or caregiving profession who work with new and expecting mothers and babies.  This program is also transformative for any expecting mother or family member wishing to learn powerful care strategies for the sacred postartum window.

What is the tuition rate for the APC program?

The 13 week Cohort program is $692

The 12 month Independent Study program is $920

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the oldest continuously practiced medical science in the world based out of what is now India. Ayurveda literally means “life knowledge”. It takes into consideration the body, mind, senses, emotions along with proper digestion and elimination on a physical, sensory and mental level. Using the patterns and rhythms of nature, Aurveda uses lifestyle routines, seasonal routines, dietary choices, herbal medicines and follows the direction of each individual’s unique constitution to address imbalances. Ayurveda is a sister science of Yoga and both are used simultaneously to attend to ones physical and spiritual wellness.

What is a doula?

Doula means “with woman”. Today, it describes a caregiver who supports women before, during or after giving birth. Doulas can train specifically to attend births and/or to support a mother and her new family after her baby is born. Studies have proven that the presence of a doula during labor increases the chance of natural and uncomplicated childbirth. Studies have also shown that the support of a postpartum doula has many positive results on both maternal and newborn physical, emotional and mental health.

Why is the postpartum window important?

Across the country, doctors and nurses agree that the 6 weeks postpartum are deficient in the current medical system for support and attention. Ayurveda recognizes the first 42 days postpartum as a “kayakalpa”, or “body time”, wherein the opportunity for intense healing is available as well as the vulnerability for serious depletion, which can affect a woman’s health and wellness far into the future. As the founder of the original Sacred Window School, Ysha Oakes taught, “42 days for 42 years”! Paying close attention to health choices during this sacred 6 weeks will set a mother up for giving her best and feeling her best far into the future.

What will I learn in this program?

Students of the Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver (APC) Diploma Program will learn:

- The foundations of Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy

-Ayurvedic nutritional concepts

-The special needs of the postpartum mother

-Nutritional support concepts and recipes for maternal and newborn wellness

-Herbal support concepts and recipes

-Hands on in your own kitchen experience with Ayurvedic postpartum food and herbal support recipes.

-Ayurvedic self and infant massage theory and practice

-Building a professional practice

-And much more!

Will I be able to work with clients at the end of the program?

Yes! Once you receive your Center for Sacred Window Studies APC diploma you will be qualified to offer specialized Ayurvedic postpartum education and care within our safe scope of practice to families in your community.  Health care practitioners who complete this program will have a greatly enhanced perspective on the postpartum window and will have a broad range of practical skills with which to educate their patients.  Expecting mothers will have a greatly enhanced understanding of their needs during this time and be empowered to create the sacred window they want.

What is the format of the program?

Our program can be fully completed in the comfort of your own home. Students will have weekly required reading assignments prior to their 1-2 hour live instruction course via web conferencing each Monday evening. Post live instruction course, students will be given a combination of practicum assignments and discussion prompts to contribute to dialogue on the Student Forum.  Assignments are designed using the concept of universal design for learning (UDL), which takes into consideration the learning styles of individuals. Each Module takes from 1-4 weeks, and the entire program spans 13 weeks.  Each Module culminates with a Final Exam or Project.  Students are given access to a comprehensive Student Website which is a hub for their entire program.

Is this The Sacred Window School?

While we have the words Sacred Window in our name, we are not The Sacred Window School founded by Ysha Oakes.  We are devoted to the same mission that Ysha worked toward, but her school was unique to her instruction, and ours is unique to us.  We are former students of Ysha's and have all been inspired by her teachings.  The Center For Sacred Window Studies is an original program with a different format, materials and scope of practice.

How is this program different than the Baby's Best Beginning Program?

The Baby's Best Beginnings Program is a self guided home study program using the webinars and written materials of the late Ysha Oakes' basic courses.  It is available from www.sacredwindow.com, the site of the former Sacred Window School.  It is not meant as a professional training course.  The program offered by The Center for Sacred Window Studies is an instructor guided course using original materials and meant for those wishing to use these skills in their professional caregiving practice, or for anyone wishing to learn about Ayurveda and Postpartum Care.